Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The "no poo" challenge!!! I made it 2 weeks, and then some...

I saw this interesting challenge in one of my "hippie" sites/blogs I follow...The "no poo" challenge.  Once I realized I was no longer going to need to spend $8 for each of my bottles of vegan shampoos and conditioners, I was intrigued.  I'm all about simplifying my life, not having to buy crap that I don't need.  I'm not a materialistic person and the luxury of having all these separate bottles for each part of my body seems so over indulgent.  Needless to say, I was ready to go!

I told all my friends/family I would try this for a couple weeks.  So far, I've made it the two weeks and then some.  I'm a month in and going strong.

The strangest part of all of it...I have only washed my hair four times in the past month.  WHY?!  Because my hair isn't full of shampoo and conditioner residue so it stays clean for a whole week (probably more but that's the longest I've gone).  It doesn't get oily, too dry, smelly, itchy, ...nothing!  It's healthier, easier to comb through, my natural curl frizz I love dealing with is no longer...it's utterly amazing!!!

Here's what I'm doing:

I take 2TB baking soda as well as 2TB apple cider vinegar in mason jars to the shower with me.  When it's time to shampoo, I fill the baking soda jar with water and use it as my shampoo.  I scrub my scalp just as I would with shampoo, and while I was waiting for suds the first couple times, I finally let go of the notion that I needed bubbles.  I rinse well, then do the same with the apple cider vinegar jar.  Be careful of the eyes, and it tastes less than desirable, but it really does condition the hair.  No, you will not get that slick coating of chemicals on your hair that makes it feel like it's truly conditioned, but I guarantee it will be easier to comb through after your shower.  My hair does not smell like vinegar (believe me, I've asked so many people) and it looks SO healthy and clean.
I have a spray bottle with a little tea tree oil in it that's watered down that I spray in my hair for a little bit of a scent, but otherwise, nothing.

Here's how it looked at two weeks:

And at about four weeks (it's only getting healthier, softer, less hair falling out, etc):

I'll keep everyone posted on the progress.  I have heard people say that at around one month they start seeing their hair getting brittle and breaking off easier.  I'm hoping that's not the case but am willing to be the guinea pig for all. ;)

Try it for a couple weeks.  If nothing else, just do it on occasion to strip your hair of all the buildup we all get from all the store bought shampoos and conditioners.

The money facts:  The best part of this whole process, it's costs me $.04 to wash my hair and $.11 for the conditioner.  $.15 for each hair washing!  That's with regular sized boxes and bottles of soda and vinegar (imagine if I purchased larger/bulk?!?!).  ;) 

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  1. So this is what you do when you wash your hair, about once a week, right? Do you still shower most days and just rinse it with water? I am curious to try this but my hair usually gets really oily on day two without a wash so I'm nervous about it. Also I work out about 6 days a week so I shower pretty much daily right now.