Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What's happening around my house and yard? Flowers. My favorite!

I love this time of year.  Everything is so fresh and full of color.  We have been busy working away at the garden, staining the deck, pruning the bushes, etc etc...so I figured I'd take some photos of what's happening around the home right now.  (click on photos to enlarge)

First off, my husband brought me more lilies when he came home from a military trip, so he's winning, of course. ;) 

Second, I started making my own mock essential oil.  I went to Whole Foods recently to purchase some smells for my homemade dishsoap and almost died when I saw the price.  Typically I only buy Tea Tree oil, which I know is spendy, but delving into essential oils for other projects...yikes!  So, this mock essential oil is made of a jar full of jasmine blooms and stems and cheap vodka.  I, then, kept it in the window sill for about a week and a half, turning it every day to shake it up a little.

Today I strained the yummy jasmine vodka (almost debated trying it) and put it back in the jar.  I placed a filter over the top to filter out the alcohol.  I'm hoping I'll have some smelly oils at the end of all of this.  We shall see!!!

Another windowsill experiment:  A great cleaner that you can use in place of borax in homemade natural cleaners, or just use as an all purpose cleaner.  Citrus Vinegar

This has been the girls new thing, painting decorative rocks for my planters.  So cute!!!  We have owls, ladybugs and even little landscapes.

What's in bloom:

Azalea's - love the colors 

 My climbing rose isn't in bloom yet but it's been pruned and weaved through the arbor some more.  Just awaiting the pretty flowers.

Another azalea.  Just sprouting it's first bloom.

Oh, and say hello to my pig riding gnome.  He doesn't have a name yet, but he's pretty awesome! 

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