Thursday, April 11, 2013

Latest Yard Project - Mason Bees

My cousin introduced me to these little guys a few days ago.  After sending me information and telling me about them, I was sold.  Little, non-stinging, bees for my plants and garden that spend 95% of their time pollinating (as they don't have to build a nest or make honey).  Honey bees have so many other important things to do so it makes sense to bring in some critters that will work solely for me! =)

Mason Bees are master pollinators and come in early spring.  You can build a home for them to nest in and they will naturally come your way, or you can go to bee supply companies and purchase them.  I went to Bee Thinking on Hawthorne in Portland to get mine.  They were $14 for 10 (so I purchased 2 packs at the suggestion of the "bee pro" based on my size yard and gardens.

Rather than buy a home and the reeds they have in store, we decided to make our own.  Just a few days ago I was able to come into a supply of bamboo, so I asked the "bee pros" how they felt about bamboo for the bee home and they said it would be perfect (as long as the reeds holes were large enough, which they are).

We built a basic bird house structure without the front.  Here are the photos of the steps we took to create our little bee house.

Madison's bamboo bee sign!  Love it! =)
More pics to come of the little critters after they've hatched and of it hanging on the fence by the garden.  Cross you fingers we're successful Bee parents. ;)

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