Saturday, March 2, 2013

"Music is the strongest form of magic"

Maybe it's strange that I'd use a quote of a singer/artist like Marilyn Manson to intro a blathering blog about my two junior high children's music accomplishments,... but is it not the truth?  (and yes, I do listen to Marilyn Manson,... so why not use one of his quotes?!?) ;)

I spent more moments today welling up from the beauty of the sounds both my children made, than I did worrying about "life".  Absolutely magical, to say the least.

Nicholas and Madison both took part in an ensemble event that takes place annually.  Students play a piece as a solo, duet, quartet, etc. along with or without an accompanist.  Nicholas and Madison both selected music with the guidance of their band teacher and played in front of a "judge" who was an expert of their specific instrument.  Both did an amazing job and both blew me away with not only their performance, but their courage, their maturity and their complete commitment to this opportunity.  

The video below has snippets of each of their performances.  They did so, so well.  Watch how the woman listening to Madison responds when she hears that Madison first picked up a flute in October! =)  And we expected some tough criticism for Nicholas' performance (the song was seemingly more advanced than his normal music and the judge had a great poker face with previous players), but the saxophone "judge" thought he did a wonderful job.  Both received constructive criticism telling them to play more loud (and proud - my words, not the judges). =)  I'm so proud of them.  Oh, and the final snippets are from Nicholas' quartet that he's been part of for two years...Nicholas is the main sax (alto) you hear playing throughout.  Recognize that song!?!?


"Music is a safe kind of high."  ~ Jimi Hendrix

I encourage all parents to support all related arts.  Please get your children involved.  The benefits outweigh those first few months of squeaky reeds and loud horns (or paint and charcoal all over the house, if that's the art they choose).  I PROMISE! ;)

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