Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mmmm, Smoothies ~ Strawberry Lime

You know what I love best about the lifestyle I live?!  My kids get excited and think that the smoothie I made them this morning is a treat!  As though I just fed them ice cream for breakfast.  How awesome is that?!?!

We make juices most days but when I don't have to work first thing I have a bit more time to put together a smoothie (not a typical smoothie because I do juice some of the items before blending them).

This mornings "juice-smoothie" was made like this:

I first juiced:

• 2lbs of strawberries (I typically smoothie them but I decided to juice them today and the juice was  so good, and creamy and there was very little pulp/waste)
• 1 fuji apple
•1/2 lime

I then put that juice in the blender and blended it with:

• 2 frozen bananas
• mint (to taste - I put about 1/4 c in)
• 1/2 c. coconut milk (unsweetened, plain)
• ice (the coconut milk and ice are to make it the consistency you desire...start with less and add more if you need to)

Here is a pic of the pretty concoction:

So yummy and definitely a keeper! =) xo

Benefits of the ingredients:

Strawberries - fiber, antioxidants, anti inflammatory, helps the eyes, a LOT of vitamin C, and bone health

Bananas - fiber, lowers blood pressure, bone health, helps promote nutrient absorption, helps gut (prevents ulcers), cancer prevention, vitamin b6

Lime - helps with weight loss, helps eyes, prevents/shortens colds, helps prevent constipation and digestive disorders

Mint - helps prevent/cure nausea, headache, asthma, respiratory disorders, pimples, oral care and cancer


  1. Do you freeze only green bananas, or does it work to freeze ripened ones?