Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Another "made up" recipe - Vegetable Pot Pies with Braised Radishes on Sprouted Rice & Quinoa

I love when I get things right. ;)  Pot pies.  Mmmmm.

So I experiment in the kitchen a LOT.  I designate 3-4pm (sometime around there) quitting time for work and hang out preparing food while the kids do their homework on the bar or kitchenette table.  It's actually been an amazing change for our family, because I'm connected to them completely while they're all doing their homework AND I'm making time for cooking (which I LOVE), and our family is getting a wholesome dinner.  BUT, again, I experiment a lot, which means I fail, often.  Here's one of my success stories. =)

Last night I made pot pies.  My kids love pot pies, as do my husband and I.  I stopped buying the boxed, 'ick', ones many years ago, and knew that the moment I stopped buying them, I better figure out a way to make them because my kids weren't going to just forget about pot pie night.  So here's how it goes...

I first of start by cutting up all the veggies I want for the filling.  Our filling looking like this:

4 organic carrots (sliced into rounds)
2 organic white potatoes cubed
1/3 of an organic white onion chopped
1 stalk of organic celery chopped (I include the leafy part...the whole stalk is great)
3/4 c. organic frozen peas (can't wait for my garden peas this year!!!)

I sauteed the onion and celery in some olive oil until see through and tender, then added the following ingredients:

3 TB garbanzo flour
Fresh ground black pepper

Stirred it up, cooked it for about 1 minute, then added:

1 1/2 c. coconut milk

I brought the coconut milk to a boil, the sauce was a bit thicker at this point, then added the potatoes and carrots.  I also added some salt, parsley, a little bit of garlic powder and some red pepper flakes (we like a little kick to everything we eat).

I let this simmer on the stove for about an hour (although you don't need to, it just helps the flavors infuse a little more), then add the peas and it's ready to fill the pies.  (Click on photos to enlarge)

While the sauce is simmering you can prepare your pie crust.  I found an amazing recipe for a vegan pie crust online.  I used this just for the bottom crust, as it's almost like a "graham cracker crust" in texture: Vegan Pie Crust

Here's the crumb like crust pressed into the bottom of the dish as well as a couple filled cups:

But then used a more traditional pie crust for the top, which is the same as any pie crust, just use vegan margarine.

 I just cut large pieces and pushed it down into the cup.  There are little gaps which are great for the pie to breathe.

I baked them for 45 minutes at 375.  I didn't need to cover them.

I served our sprouted rice and quinoa mix alongside and served on top of the side, these veggies (I changed the recipe a tad by using vegetable stock and vegan butter) :  Braised Radishes 
The sauce in that recipe was just enough flavor to make the rice/quinoa mixture so very good!!!   I did add a little fresh pepper and sea salt, however.

There you go!  Another great home cooked meal, took very little prep time as most of the items were just sitting on the stove or in the oven cooking.  Enjoy!!! xo

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  1. It's like you read my mind!!! I was just looking up pot-pie recipes 2 days ago! I love raw radishes as a snack with carrots, so I will have to try this braised version. Thank you for being a great test-kitchen!!!