Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fairies and Wishies

I told my daughters that when the sun light shines through the window and the little things (we big people know as dust) are flying through the air, the specks are little fairies. They believed me. I think I want to be a kid again. I went to bed last night thinking about how excited I was for the sun to shine through the windows and for little fairies to fly. (Oh...and Nicholas clapping his hands together and telling his sisters he just squashed a bunch of fairies - what a sweet big brother he is.) Ah yes, Spring is in the air.

We have daffodils blooming all over the place and although they're not my favorite, they are the sign that the blooming of tulips is just around the corner. I'm giddy thinking about walking around outside barefoot, dirt under my fingernails, and using the hose to spray down my dirty children. I DID lose an hour of sleep and should be bitching about how horrible today has been...hahahaha, who am I kidding, I slept in until 9. Yes, 9! The joys of having children who can pour their own cereal (no special Sunday morning breakfast for you kids...Mom's sleeping in because I lost an hour!!!).

Anyway, back to my point. (Did I even have one?!), fairies...Wishies...I hate dandelions in my yard (they're showing up every where as well). But they sure are cute when my kids blow them in someone else's.

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