Friday, January 28, 2011

A Birth: Avery ~ 29 April 2005

While I wish I could recount every moment of what happened that day, I'll allow the story to be told through the images. I did put a little bit of information below, small details I remember.

It's a girl! Our only one we found out with...Dad and Nicholas needed preparation after already having two girls/sisters:

High five:

Your brother and sisters painted my belly about a week before you were born (Olivia painted her own belly too):

Several weeks and a week (respectively) before you were born:

Four kids. Wow. I still had a baby at home, Olivia was only 17 months old when you came into our lives. I was so scared, more scared than I had been Madison and Olivia, probably just as scared as I was with Nicholas. I had to have a scheduled cesarean as I'd previously had three, but I begged the doctor to schedule it as close to your due date as possible.

My surgery was scheduled on April 29. One day before your due date. I remember checking into Madigan Army Medical Center at 6am. I was happy, excited to meet you, spent time talking with all the nurses and doctors. The anesthesiologist walked in and we discussed the surgery, I asked for the spinal as I had a bad experience with one epidural delivery I had. He agreed, said he'd see me shortly and walked out. In that moment I shut down. Fear set in a bit and I was just ready to have you. I was prepared for a longer surgery this time as I had so much scar tissue from the previous c/sections, but all in all, it went rather well. At 9:29am you were born.

I had a few complications after delivery, a bit of hemorrhaging and a ridiculously painful procedure to get the bleeding to stop, but I had you, and you were beautiful, healthy, and nursed within a moment of me getting out of the operating room and into recovery.

We stayed in the hospital that night, by midday the next day I was ready to go home. They had me stay one more night just to keep an eye on everything, then released us the following morning.

The morning of April 30.
View from our room:

I stared at you while the sun was rising, watching it cast this amazing color on your skin. I wondered in amazement how something so beautiful could be created partly by me.

Getting ready to go home:

Couple days after you got home:

Avery Gwen~

Your birth day in history

Billboards #1 song on the day you were born: "Candy Shop"~50 Cent featuring Olivia

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